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Who is Maree Claire

Maree Claire is founded by Tiana Maree Claire Mammone, aged 22 and a Local from the town Red Cliffs. Tiana studied at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy Collage and is now studying the Bachelor in Dermal Science. Maree Claire came to be as Tiana struggled with Acne and hyper sensitive skin all her life, this making lifestyle choices and product choices extremely hard. Coming from a small town there was no place to go to seek all advice and knowledge, or a proper diagnosis in one place. It then became Tiana's dream to study the skin and open her own Skin Clinic to give all locals a place to go to seek professional help that works. Maree Claire is a Dermal skin clinic, focusing on the health of the skin through all stages of life. Specialising in organic products, highlighting the results you can achieve with the right knowledge of your skin, diet and health.

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