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Acne Advanced Facial

Combined with Electric currents, Led Lights, Direct high frequency and Ultrasonic Soundwaves, this facial will kill bacteria and deeply cleanse the skin, decreasing and preventing future breakouts, minimising acne and reducing Inflammation and scaring. This facial will also minimise pore size, slow sebaceous flow, resulting in smooth, even skin texture.

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treatment outline

double cleanse and sonophoresis

Beginning treatment with a superficial cleanse using professional products, removing all makeup,dirt and debris from the skin. Followed with a deeper cleanse using Sonophoresis through Ultrasonic soundwaves to gently shaking all impurities out reaching a deeper level to the Dermis. Leaving he skin completely lean, bare and ready to begin the treatment.

prep skin and destincrustation

Prepping the skin through toning, followed with a application of a Mandalic Acid and a Gel, to prepare the skin for Destincrustation. Destincrustation works by using a positive and negative charged electrodes to soften and exfoliate the skin and have a Saponifaction effect of the skin; Turning impurities, dirty, debris, comedones, sweat into  a soap, for an easy, painless removal.

iontophoresis and dhf

Iontophoresis is a process using a positively charged current to push active ingredients deep into the epidermal layers. After this, a mask is applied followed with DHF. This uses direct current to the skin, for healing and antibacterial properties.


Ending with a facial massage using high quality lotions, to hydrated the skin, serums to nourish the skin, SPF to protect the skin, eye cream and lip balm.

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what is iontophoresis and destincrustation?

Iontophoresis: During this procedure, a positively charged gel is applied to your skin. Then, a negative electrode is placed near your shoulder, or you are asked to hold it. A positively charged current is passed through your skin, helping push the active ingredients applied to your skin deep into the epidermal layers. This dramatically increases the efficacy of all skin products that you use after undergoing this procedure. 

Destincrustation: Beginning with a  galvanic current, used to soften and emulsify the keratin and sebum congested in your hair follicles. It is a way to prepare your skin for safe and painless removal of comedones. A manual extraction follows this procedure if needed. This is meant for deep cleansing your skin and exfoliating it at the same time.


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who is not suitable for this facial?

  • Do not go for this treatment if you:

  • Have a Pacemaker

  • Are diagnosed with a heart condition

  • Suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure

  • Have cuts, wounds or abrasions on your skin

  • Are Pregnant

  • Are Diabetic

  • Have metal implants in your body

  • Are on skin thinning medication

  • Recently underwent chemical peeling

Acne Advanced Facial: Text
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 Induce fast healing and decrease pain

Target active acne

Reduce acne-causing bacteria

Improves Acne Scaring

Improves skin texture and tone

decongests the skin

Prevents future breakouts

tightens the skin elasticity

Acne Advanced Facial: List


Does this Facial hurt?

Absolutely not! This facial will give you skin a 'Pins and Needle' sensation. The higher the current the stronger the feeling, but that is completely up to the client in terms of how high/ strong they want the machine depending on how it feels on their skin.

Will it make my Acne worse?

Every skin is completely different in terms of the grade of Acne and their healing process. This question has no specific answer in terms of their immediate result after their first facial, but as the facials become more regular your skin will become clear immensely. This facial is incredibly strong in the way it draws impurities out of the skin, so a break out is a good sign after a facial. But in saying this, there is a good break and bad, The good breakouts will clear within a few days, a bad breakout will stay. Sometimes the term "Has to get worse to get better" does apply with the skin, so just keep this in mind.

How many treatments will I need?

Here at Maree Claire we recommend one treatment a week for the first four weeks, then dropping down to fortnightly or monthly. In saying this, it depends on your Grade of Acne or your therapeutic goals.

Will this help Acne Scaring?

Yes, Gavlavnic is amazing in the beneficial properties it has on the skin. Clients has constantly seen a decrease in pigmentation in their scaring, to the result they are confident with no makeup. This facial also improves skin texture, tone, pore size and visibility, skin complexion and firmness within the skin.

Acne Advanced Facial: FAQ
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