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Extraction Facial

This facial will leave your skin decongested, clean and brand new. Using professional lancets to extract deep congested blocked in the skin. Extracting Milia, Whiteheads/ Blackheads, Skin blockages and more. This facial also includes Vacuum suction for a final deep clean, followed with nourishing aftercare to protect the skin.

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Things to keep in mind about Extractions

One of the most important things that people forget before they head to their first extraction appointment is that this process can hurt, depending on your pain threshold, dead skin buildup, and oil levels. People with thicker, oilier skin tend to be less sensitive while people with thinner skin are usually more resistant to pain. Be sure to speak up if the process hurts too much as beauticians can vary in how aggressive they are, which might be too uncomfortable for some people. Extractions shouldn't last more than 10 minutes, so its not expected to remove all your blackheads and whiteheads in one appointment if you have a lot to get rid of as too many extractions at one time can be traumatizing for the skin.

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Why do I need extractions?

Extractions are the removal of blockages and congestion deep within the skin that either cannot be removed naturally or have been extracted at home incorrectly and are now to far deep into the skin. Extractions, done correctly can leave your skin clear, with no blackheads or Milia. Done incorrectly from home can cause broken capillaries, bacteria causing breakouts and skin trauma.

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Remove blackheads / congestion

Prevets future breakout

clears and cleanses pores

Prevents pre-mature again

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Do extractions hurt?

Depending on your pain threshold, and how deep the blockage is, extractions can be uncomfortable, but are not unbearable.

Will I bleed?

It is very normal to bleed, but you do not bleed everytime, just depends on the blockage and how it is sitting.

Will all my congestion be gone after one facial?

This is very important that the client is assured there are only a certain amount of extractions that can be done in a certain place at one time. Depending on how many extractions need to be done will determine how many sessions are needed.

Will i be red after?

As an extraction is a procedure of a lancet (thin needle) pricking the skin, then removing blockages through manually (hands) it is very normal to experience redness, but will subside after 24 hours.

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