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What your doing wrong when Cleansing

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Cleansing, ooo who else loves a good cleansing sesh? the best part of skincare and the best part of the day. Removing all the makeup and residue on your face from the day. That therapeutic feeling knowing your skin is completely clean, BUT, lets hold up and check what your probably doing wrong, so you stop going to bed with dirty skin. Its so common for people to judge a cleansing product due to if they breakout the next morning, this is true, but how do you know its not how your using the product that is making you breakout? Shall we take a look..

Mistake #1: Your not washing and sanitising your hands prior to cleansing:

Im sure I'm not the first to put this out there, but babe, your hands are dirty. They are like sponges, soaking up Bacteria and Dirt from everything you touch. Its so crucial that your hands are 100% clean before touching your face in any way. This seems Insane right? But all you need to do is have a sanitiser in your bathroom and in your hand bag and your set. Trust me, this will save your life.

Mistake #2: Your using Cooking Ingredients to cleanse your skin:

I am all for a holistic, natural lifestyle including what i put on my face, but theres a line drawn to a natural product being natural and a natural product actually being good for your skin. Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, so many platforms to make you believe the olive oil in your kitchen or the coconut oil in your pantry is the BEST THING FOR YOUR SKIN… wrong. While this may be great for some people, lets see why for majority of us, its not. Firstly, these oils contain preservatives or additives that are not great for your skin, they also don't come with emulsifiers to ensure they will rinse off your face, meaning your skin will be left with an oily, greasy film that can lead to breakouts or clogged pores. Secondly it will not remove the dirt, debris and gunk sitting on your face from throughout the day, which will lead to BlackHeads, Whiteheads, Congested skin and will lead to premature ageing.

If your on the natural path, maybe your vegan based or you just like to have simple, organic products on your face. Maree Claire Clinic provides a whole organic range available for purchase.

Mistake #3: If you use an oil cleanser your applying it to wet/ damp skin:

I know what your thinking… what cleanser requires to be applied to dry skin? All oil based Cleansers must be applied to dry skin so it can completely remove all oil based impurities. Once massaged through, then you can emulsify the product by dampening your fingers and rinsing off.

Mistake #4: Your rubbing your face dry:

If you had a one hundred dollar bill, you wouldn't go running around with it loosely in your bag for the chance for it to get caught or ripped in your Mimco or hand bag zipper. You'd be gentle and ensure it is protected and perfectly crisp. Do that… but with your skin. Gently pat your skin don't rub it. Rubbing will tug at the skin, causing irritation, redness, post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation and lead to pre mature ageing.

Mistake #5: Your not locking in moisture:

Straight after Cleansing, don't wipe your skin with a towel or let your skin dry, Seal in any dampness with a toner or hydrating mist. By doing this your allowing all active ingredients to be completely absorbed into the skin.

So, where you doing something wrong?

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