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3 in 1 Beauty Tool to help you deeply Cleanse your skin, Remove Congestion like a pro and Infuse your fav products into your skin. At Home, Anytime. 


Beauty Tool

  • Sonophoresis is a process that uses sound waves to increase the absorption of topical compounds into the epidermis and dermis of the skin. Sonophoresis occurs through ultrasonic sound waves, stimulating micro-vibrations within the skin’s epidermis. Sonophoresis simply creates holes in the skin, allowing fluids to travel into our out of the body, assisting in cleaning the skin to the highest level. Sonophoresis can also be used to remove oils, congestion and trapped grime in the skin resulting in a reduced count of acne causing bacteria and an overall cleanliness and clarity of the skin. This can be applied in the EMS mode on the Device. 


    What is Iontophoresis?

    Iontophoresis infuses high concentrations of products through the skin by a low electrical current. By clicking to the Nutrition Mode on the Device, serums, active peels, ampules ect. can be deeply absorbed into the skin, deeper than it would applied with fingers. 


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"I have been using Maree Claire  Skin serums for nearly 2 weeks now and I have found it to definitely meet my expectations. I have combination and sensitive skin, so this serum is perfect for my skin type as it is light weight and has a cooling effect whilst applying it. It has overall brightened my skin tone and has helped prevent breakouts. Highly recommend this product."

Nikkialyse Fox

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