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Signature Facial

Signature Facial is one of our most popular facials, being quick, 100% organic and safe for pregnancy, this treatment is perfect for a quick refresher. Deep cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and penetrating, this facial will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Perfect for a lunch break or mums with minimal time and this facial is so versatile it can be adapted to all skin types and concerns. For more information on this service, get in touch with us.

Acne Advanced Facial

Combined with Electric currents, Led Lights, Direct high frequency and Ultrasonic Soundwaves, this facial will kill bacteria and deeply cleanse the skin, decreasing and preventing future breakouts, minimising acne and reducing Inflammation and scaring. This facial will also minimise pore size, slow sebaceous flow, resulting in smooth, even skin texture.

Hydro/ Vacuum Suction Facial

This service is known for providing remarkable results, using organic, minerals and ingredients to penetrate, nourish and brighten the skin. Through massage techniques, natural oil blends, mists and lymphatic drainage, the skin is detoxified and decongested with vacuum Suction, leaving you feeling fresh and plump. This facial is amazing for large pores, uneven skin texture, dull complexion and congested skin.

Brightening Facial

Our Brightening facial includes collagen and vitamin infusion, stimulation and penetration through lymphatic drainage to plump, nourish and brighten the skin. Aromatic brightening oil blend will relax the facial muscles, improving texture and tone, leaving the skin dewy and glowing. Ending with an active Brightening masks, serums and aftercare. This facial will leave you GLOWING.

Ice Facial

Using a term known as cryotherapy, this facial will plump, rejuvenate, and tighten the skin, using minus degree temperature to contract the pores, leaving the skin blemish free, and glowing. Iontophersis is used to infuse active ingredients to the skin, followed with micro currents to tighten the pores through micro-sonic sound waves. A cooling mask is then applied to sooth the skin, and penetrate the active ingredients further into the skin. Finishing with a facial massage and aftercare.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure removing the superficial layer of dead skin cells, combined with a vaccum suction, improving skin texture, tone, acne and brightens the skin. Clients with uneven skin texture, congestion, scaring and fine lines will most benefit from a series of treatments.

Antioxidant Facial


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Extraction Facial

This facial will leave your skin decongested, clean and brand new. Using professional lancets to extract deep congested blockages in the skin. Extracting Milia, Whiteheads/ Blackheads, Skin blockages and more. This facial also includes Vacuum suction for a final deep clean, followed with nourishing aftercare to protect the skin.

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Gua Sha Facial


Anit-aging Facial

Combined with Lymphatic Drainage and a Micro Current, this facial uses electric pulses to stimulate the skin, increasing collagen production and reducing signs of ageing; wrinkles, crows feet, discolouration, sagging. Using powerful products to penetrate the skin, reaching deep into the Dermis, resulting in real results. If your wanting to train your facial muscles and feel more firm and tightness within your skin, start this facial today.

Detox Facial

Our Most requested Facial, The Detox facial will have your skin feeling brand new! Staring with a Deep Cleanse, Steam session, Facial exfoliating Brush, Extractions, Lymphatic Drainage, Facial massage, Mask and ending with aftercare, this facial will leave you with clean, plump and perfect Skin.

Eyebrow Sculpt

Includes Wax, Shaping, Tinting.

Eyelash Tinting

Lash Tinting- Perfect for clients that prefer not to wear mascara, or want a more natural beauty service.

Facial Waxing

Includes Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Sides of Face, Chin.

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