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Signature Facial

Signature Facial is one of our most popular facials, being quick, 100% organic and safe for pregnancy, this treatment is perfect for a quick refresher. Deep cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and penetrating, this facial will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Perfect for a lunch break or mums with minimal time. For more information on this service or any of the other services, get in touch with us.

Signature Facial: Services

Treatment Layout

  • Cleanse

  • Steam

  • Exfoliate

  • Massage

  • Mask

  • Aftercare

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How regular should I get this treatment?

Our signature facial is amazing as a monthly refresher. Being 100% organic, its great for just a quick clean, for all skin types. This treatment can be done weekly if that is discussed with therapist, but usually is just recommended for once a month to two months as a quick refresher but there is no harm in getting this facial as frequent as you like.

IS this facial safe for pregnancy?

100% yes! This facial only uses certified organic products safe for all stages of pregnancy and or all types of skin conditions, types and disorders.

what products are used in this facial?

Our signature facial is based and inspired around the brand Seed, Being 100% organic and safe for all skin types. All products are stocked in the clinic for purchase aswell.

If this facial is organic will I break out?

Just like all facials your skin will break out depending on how your skin reacts when congestion is removed or when deeply cleansed. All skin react differently, but breakouts after a facial are a very common side effect due to the deep cleaning of the skin.

Signature Facial: FAQ


Pregnancy Safe

100% Organic

Deep cleansing

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improves skin texture and tone

hydrates and nourishes

safe for all skin conditions

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